A Cry For Help

A friend in the shadows


"What are you doing slave?" Neulla Froze Stopping typing mid pizza slice. Thoughts raced though her head as she thought she had been caught. "Slaves don't get access too technologies like that you could be punished harshly for this" Neulla tuned knowing full well what "harsh punishment" was around here. "you will be coming with us now slave". "now now" Nuella held up a finger "Do you really want me as an ememy? i surely we could come too some sort of  agr——-" Blood flew across the chamber the two aggressors toppled over their helmets crumpled in. Nuella looked out the window to see a small man in the distance. In disbelief Nuella simplely stared and raised a waving hand in a mute hello. "thanks i guess…."          


Christian1771 DestructorPhish

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