Prince Yraseth Talran

Dashing pirate prince


Tall, elegant and disturbingly graceful much like all Eldar. Has a striking head of vibrant red hair which clearly has a lot of time and dedication put into it. Comes ready for battle in crimson armour trimmed with gold (at least when he’s not disguising himself as a craftworlder) and a blood red sword in hand.


A son of Craftworld Iyanden who now treads the Path of the Outcast as a corsair, Prince Yraseth Talran’s entire life has been one lived in the shadows of giants. Early in adulthood he quickly chose the Path of the Mariner and served as an Eagle Pilot, viciously dog fighting the Craftworld’s enemies in the void. He served well but not with distinction, that honour went to a bastard upstart called Yriel. While Yraseth eventually led his own fighter wing, Yriel rocketed up the rank quickly becoming an Autarch even though he had only ever walked the Path of the Mariner. Not a day would go by where he wouldn’t hear about the arrogant bastard who had somehow become the most valued son of Iyanden. To say this incensed Yraseth would be an understatement as no matter what he did to excel he was overshadowed.

What eventually broke Yraseth was the events around a chaos incursion from which Iyanden had to defend itself from. The incursion was crushed but not content with that Yriel committed all the Craftworld’s fighters to hunting down the remains. Yraseth knew this would be a bad move, as it would leave Iyanden practically defenceless but as a mere wing leader he had no say and was obliged to follow the all wise Yriel’s orders. Tragically, in a fit of spite, the Chaos warlord launched a cyclonic torpedo at Iyanden. One which Iyanden couldn’t defend against. Thousands of souls, quite literally as their spirit stones were utterly destroyed, were lost. What was irritated envy became apoplectic rage as people he knew and loved where now damned eternally, all because of that arrogant bastard. When Yraseth returned he gathered all those who would listen to him and set off in 3 frigates to walk the Path of the Outcast as a corsair, forming the Bloody hands. This was mostly due to the expectation that even after this colossal mistake that Iyanden would still worship Yriel’s every action. This would be something Yraseth could not bear.

So imagine his surprise when Yriel was exiled himself and also walked the Path of the Outcast as a corsair. Only Yriel managed to leave with considerable greater resources. Now no matter what Yraseth did as a corsair once again he was outshone by Yriel and his Eldritch Raiders.

Yraseth persisted however, not willing to yield and not willing to abandon those who had followed him on this Path. This life soon began to grow on him and he revelled in being a dashing pirate hero, stealing from the rich and giving to himself, his wits as sharp as his sword. Then his home of Iyanden came under attack by the Tyranids, its future uncertain. Yraseth made all haste back to Iyanden with his frigates. In the grand scheme of things it wasn’t much but Iyanden would need all the help it could get. The situation was dire. Tyranids had boarded Iyanden and Yraseth had personally lost 2 of his 3 frigates. Then, seemingly from nowhere a new fleet entered the battle and turned the tide.

It was Prince Yriel, of the Eldritch Raiders.

After the battle he was welcomed home with open arms as a saviour, having taken up the cursed Spear of Twilight and slain the Hive Tyrant. Yraseth wasn’t even scorned, he simply was not acknowledged. His sacrifices forgotten in favour of Yriel’s heroism. Yraseth left without a word. It seemed wherever he went, he was destined to live in Yriel’s shadow. This was bad enough, he just wished his friends didn’t have to die in the process.

Prince Yraseth Talran continues to wander the void, hoping to craft a reputation as a feared but honourable pirate. One day though, he does not know when, he will return to Iyanden a conquering hero and dethrone that accursed, arrogant, self-righteous bastard who is the cause of so much of his suffering and prove once and for all he was his better.

Prince Yraseth Talran

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