Dr Nerva Faust

Died a heretic. Reborn a daemon.


Dr Nerva Faust (PhD: Xenobiology) is a young woman with shoulder length, ghost white hair. Her left eye is completely blank, devoid of any iris or pupil, while her right is almost completely eclipsed by her neon blue iris centered around a diagonal, slitted pupil.
She wear Imperial robes, thin rimmed spectacles and carries a dataslate everywhere she goes.


Nerva was was always fascinated by constellations, even in her youth she would frequently spend her nights gazing up at the sky. Lucky for her her grandfather was an eccentric scientist with a vast library and observatory where she could spend her greatest nights studying and mapping the stars, luckier still she was her father’s youngest daughter among four other brothers and sisters, meaning she had little responsibilities and thus a great deal of time to pursue her own passions.

By her fifteenth birthday she was working in her grandfather’s research station, initially as a clerk but within a few short years she was pursuing her own trials and experiments. With a lot of responsibilities but freedoms alongside, Nerva was able to study anything that piqued her interest, which inevitably, and completely unintentionally, led to more unsavory and profane topics.

First it came from Astromancy: as she stargazed and studied the universe she eventually learned of the stars’ connections to the other plane. From that she learned of ways to study it and where to find points of interest based on constellations.She made notes on her observations and went to see if anyone had made similar discoveries. From that she learned of the Warp.

Next it came from Biology: her home world was a excellent habitat which meant fascinating albeit unintelligent creatures grazed upon the grass of this alien world. After her many dissections and behavioral studies she began to wonder if there were any similarities between these creatures and those from other alien worlds. So she delved once more into her grandfather’s library in search of books she hadn’t put much thought into before. From there she found what she was looking for, notes and musings on creatures she initially thought to be unintelligent like the creatures she was used to studying. And thus she learned of Xenos.

Soon after it came from Legislation: there were many introductory classes on this at the station, mostly aimed at newbies and assistants to scare them into line, but after Nerva came to understand what she learnt she began to delve into Imperium laws regarding how she should use this knowledge and the dangers of being labelled a criminal. Whereupon she learned of the cultists, people corrupted beyond recognition after committing foul deeds and sharing profane knowledge. Thus she learned of true heresy.

It wasn’t long after she learned these things (and after piecing together the true nature of her family’s research), that the Ordo Malleus arrived, catching wind of her grandfather, father and brothers secretly practicing occult rituals in the private labs.

Not one person was spared in the ensuing massacre, not one scientist, not one assistant, not one member of the Faust family, except for Nerva. Nerva pleaded her innocence to the Inquisitor; that she didn’t know, that it was clearly a tradition only shared by the men of the family, that she wasn’t corrupted yet, that she was only eighteen. It was here that the Inquisitor took pity on her, and thus he rewarded her with a fate far worse than any her family members experienced that day.

And thus she learned of Daemons.

Dr Nerva Faust

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