Commissar Thale Xanatov

Dutiful, Cheeky and Direct



“Today Cadets! We shall temper ourselves in the fire of combat you must show conviction as an example to these guardsmen! For it is our duty to uphold the integrity of this fighting force by any means necessary! There can be NO Doubt NO cowardice these men must follow their orders to the letter. They must follow your example and you must lead by one. If they don’t follow your example they must become one! DO YOU UNDERSTAND CADETS!?”

YES COMMISSAR!” The cadets shouted in unison.

Commissar Pine looked his cadets in the eye as he stalked their ranks. His eyes quested for weakness, for fear, as a Commissar could have neither and a Commissar they aspired to be.

Thale Xanatov stood amongst these cadets his mind hard his thoughts unwavering. He and all the other cadets had been present for the war brief a day ago in which today’s assault plans had been discussed. The green skins had slowed their advance over the last few weeks and Intel had reported that infighting had broken out with in the ork lines. As a result command and the brass had decided that getting resupplied while having a well protected landing zone before a final push into the apparently crumbling ork line could turn the tide in the imperium favour by a order of magnitude. The waiting and resupply was over now came the battle, the theater in which glory was made and victory was assured!

The combined forces of the imperial stood ready to charge across no mans land. The Battle plans where too consist of a large mechanized infantry push with tanks as support. This push was too commence as the enemy line was bombarded by long range basilisk and manicore strikes. The heavy artillery was imperative as with out it the Orks anti tank heavy infantry could cause havoc upon the advancing Chimera APC push and blunt en the attack.
Behind the mechanized infantry would come the mass infantry push. This show of force would surely have the orks running while the withering fire from the tanks and APC’s would hose the green skins cowardly retreat. A large amount of heavy weapons team where drafted to a local bastion where they would blanket fire for when the artillery would have to stop to avoid friendly fire. They too would push In the APC,s and get dropped off on the way.
The plans too Xanatovs recently trained eye looked good although he asked his mentor and superior what he thoughts on the coming battle was “The plan looks good considering the Intel we have received it is just”. “Very good commissar ill shall take this time too check over the men they must be ready for the coming assault in mind and body”. Xanatov received a respectful nod that was normally a good sign with Commissar pine for he always judged worth and negative judgement was always loud. Cadet Xanatov left the command tent for the presence of the Commissariat must be always been seen and never forgotten.

The cadets where spread out along the APC’s so that their presence would bolster the men further. The chimera interior was bathed in red light the men sat in cold silence apart from one who had broken down. Xanatov Un-buckled him self and moved too him. “Guardsmen Your name?” “Ad- Ad-Adems” the man hesitated “What is your purpose here?” Xanatov asked Knowingly while eyeing the meltagun on the mans lap? “Weapon Specialist” “AH! SO TODAY YOU WOULD BE OF IMPORT NO?” Xanatov Addressing the whole transport now " wouldn’t that be right GUARDSMEN!" " YES CADET COMMISSAR" yelled the transport. The fire of Fury began too glow Adems eyes. “WHO IS TOO DEAL WITH THE BASTARD GREENSKIN MACHINES!” “ADEMS!” “WHO IS TO BE THERE TOO HEAL OUR WOUNDS?” “GUARDS MEN CRALTOV!” "AND WHO TOGETHER ARE TOO BRING THE EMPERORS MIGHT UPON HIS ENEMIES! “THE GUARD!” “AND WHOOOO ARE WEEEEE!”. The compartment rang loud as the guardsmen shouted " THE GUARD!". Guardsmen Adems shouted with them his sobs drowned by his fury. With that the doors opened and they stepped into hell together.

Then the Roks fell. The sky glowed orange and pulsed/ flashed with what could only be orbital warfare. Derbies and roks fell like shooting star of death.

The rok blotted out the sun as it came over the ork lines and thundered in the guard lines the local command vox died instantly. With no command communications the attack faltered and morale drive bombed. The ork force came in from both sides squeezing the mass infantry push between them.

Cadet Xanatov got up stumbling the blast wave had caused massive disarray and chaos. That is when he saw pine. His mentor stood two foot off the ground he hung limp and was skewed on a tank trap life less. unbelievable his eyes still judged Xanatov even in death. Xanatov had lost his weapon. He looked about him chaos surrounded him as men ran scared and guardsmen stood and shot into the mad green hordes too no avail. they needed leader ship they needed order. They needed and commissar and a commissar needed his weapons. He took pines weapons. He took stock of the battle field. Heavy weapons fire still Poured from the Bastion. “Cadet Commissar?!” Xanatov turned too see a Frightened Guardsmen he happened too have a short ranged vox caster on his back. His eyes pleaded for orders he was well trained. “Guardsmen Give me the Vox Mic now!”

_"This is Cadet Commissar Thale Xanatov. All Guardsmen are too fall back too the bastion with due haste. Any Guardsmen not adhering too these orders shall become an example. Do not try my patients today—- (distant) YOU! I HAVE NOT ORDERED YOUR RETREAT GUARDSMEN! Boom—-Pop - for i will shall use my sword if necessary" __

Vox Broadcast that officially began the battle for the last bastion.

The last bastion held for three weeks. Due too the assault plan they had a massive surplus of ammunition’s and heavy weapons. Cadet Xanatov lead every counter change and steadied every heavy gunners hand. When the men started calling him sir and following his command he didn’t notice. If a guardsmen couldn’t be salvaged they where made an example If they could be Salvaged he would for in this environment every man counted. The wounded would come to fight on their own accorded much too their medics anger. His Conviction never faltered his fury ever hot.

__"This Is First Brother Sargent Yufov of the Salamanders Forth company to last bastion Command. We are inbound with us we bring support."

“This is last bastion command to brother Sargent Yufov i have been told too pass on the following message too you " Tell them that they are early we wouldn’t be needing their support until next week. Please explain that we have a minor infestation problem and that we haven’t tidied for them but they are of course welcome to visit. Please also tell them that we have had to arm the catering staff therefore they can expect no dinner. Now excuse me but we have orks too kill" That message is form Cadet Commisar Xanatov".


“First Captain?”

“I look Forward too meeting him First Sargent out”

After three weeks the last bastion received reinforcements as a joint astrates and astra militarum landing surrounded the the ork forces and destroyed them.

After the Ork menace was in full retreat the last bastion forces where extracted. For They where now massively under strength a full report was compiled of what was a remarkable Defense. Due to the command HQ being caught up in the in the rok blast. The commanding officers where very ad hoc consisting of anyone who proved them selves to very tactically minded. They all said the same thing “The defense of the last bastion could not have happened if it where not for our Commissar”. They where told he was still a cadet. “No they said Maybe too you but to us he was our Commissar”

Upon Cadet Commissars Xanatov interview. He simplely marched in and placed commissar Pines Bolt Pistol and Chain sword on the table before him and stood too attention. The weapons where battle worn but still usable. “Commissar Cadet Xanatov ready and reporting for duty and reassignment”. “yes you most certainly are” Answered his interviewer. " You are to report too (OUR REGIMENT NAME) Command Where you will undergo further Training in drop troop tactics". Also the Commissariat has sent you this please open it now" a kit bag was placed on the table. Cadet Commissar Xanatov opened it too find a full Commissars Uniform a bolt pistol and a Chain sword and a note saying that he had hereby been seen fit too Wear the uniform of a full Commissar and that he was not a cadet no longer Signed by the Commissar general him self.

“Excellent! I shall serve the emperor until my last breath thank you i will report to my new regiment at once” Commissar Thale Xanatov left too meet his new men. "Drop troops muttered? Xanatov how exciting!

Commissar Thale Xanatov

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