Rouge Sister Arda Trix

A women with a hostile gaze and chilling presence


Disclaimer That is actually the best picture i could find that represents the characters attitude
i not overly happy with it but here we are


A Beginning.

“Arda!!” Came a voice from down the hall. As the sound of bare feet falling upon stone stopped outside a young Arda Trix looked round in wonder at her friend Kayya who also looked back in wonder.

“It’s the vigil of the scarlet tonight! and we have a turn in nightly prayer according to the roster!”
The too young girls squealed in excitement at such a holy honour. The vigil of the scarlet was a Holy day in which the planets population would celebrate a imperial saint a different saint would be chosen every year and the people would collectively where red for a whole week in remembrance of the said saint. It was an educational thing the year between the vigils was intense study of the saints themselves. So after a year of study about this year’s saint (being saint karex) Arda was pleased that they were chosen for the honour of seeing in the vigil in and being the at the start of the vigil.

As the young girls (being about 15 at this point) talked rapidly about what they needed to do in what could only be described as constant noise to anyone else listening and kindly and familiar voice politely invaded there planning. “well you two are very excited” he said with a knowing smile. “Cleric Alrad!” the girls said in unison! Cleric Alrad had be a fatherly figure to all the orphaned children looked after the by the adepts Sororitas he was a teacher simply.
“Come on you two you have much to prepare for tonight and i have the store key” he shook the key ring in his hand still smiling at the girl’s excitement.

The three of them hurried down to the store and got the brand new red candles and prepared the holy symbols. Holy words were spoken and promises uttered all under careful and kind gaze of cleric Alrad.

Alrad watched the two girls with pride he had seen many students pass thought these halls and classrooms all had good futures ahead of them be in the Adeptus Sororitas or the Ministorum. Both girls where destined to leave for these futures after this year’s vigil arda had showed intellect and cared greatly for study, where kayya proved too have a great love for caring for the ill and injured. He too was an orphan and he too had one of these futures.
The emperor had truly blessed him with this duty and his hart bloomed with pride knowing he was where he was meant to be. “Everything is perfect girls now go wash before your praying” said Alrad.

That Night.

Arda walked into the small shire room where there now more level headed after the excitement had left her system now was the time for care and faith. She was alone come to make sure nothing was out of order and rechecking her notes and papers for that is what she did. “ah” Arda said to herself one of the candles was not quite turned right the scared writing not on display as it should be. She walked forward to correct it as her hand graced the candle a voice sounded from behind her and suddenly the chamber radiated golden light. Her hand shot back from the candle as she turned to look who spoke leaving it untouched. Before her standing tall between the pews stood a being that blazed golden light. “Saint Karex!” said Arda as she fell too her knee. A low and deep chuckle echoed around the chamber “No my child but i know him well but you will soon know who i am” the being spoke. Arda was lost for words what do you say to holy beings. “I must ask something of you” “by the golden throne! it’s you!” “yes, it is I. I must ask a great deal of you Arda and it will not be easy but you must carry this burden for me can you do that?” " yes! ANYTHING!". " you will be needed to protect those who need protected from the most foulest of things and you must wait" The golden figure was now advancing down the avenue of pews toward her he was now with in touching distance " and you must survive" “I WILL! IN YOUR NAME” she had to shout now for wind had picked up in the shrine room and as a single finger touched her head……..

The first thing that hit Adra as she came back to reality was the altar her back thumped solidly off the base of it and she let out a small yell. She let out the biggest gasp she ever would. Something was wrong it felt like a sound she had gotten used too was now gone and she felt as if something was missing. She checked herself over trying to find some source of the feeling. But again, she came up empty. What was that? did that happened? She looked around the now empty shrine room. A door opened at the far end of the shrine and a concerned looking cleric Alrad came in. “Arda what happened!” he said in worried tones. “Throne girl what happened to your nose?!” he said as he got closer. Adra looked down at her tunic and at the red spots she found there as she looked another appeared next to the other. She wiped her hand under her nose she discovered more on her hand after. She looked up just in time to see Alrad slip and fall with a small yelp it looked like thin ice had somehow built up on the floor. “Cleric Alrad are you ok?” said Arda moving to help. “SHUP UP!” he bellowed. Arda was surprised and hesitated she had never heard him yell before ever she had never seen him fall either so maybe it was normal for him. She went to help him up her hand touch his shoulder……

The back hand came out of nowhere and knocked her down “GET AWAY FROM ME! DONT YOU EVER TOUCH ME AGAIN!” balled Alrad. Arda was scared this was very unlike Alrad he didn’t believe in violence. he stood over her with nothing but absolute contempt Blazing in his eyes. Arda Tasted blood. “I…yo..your scaring me…”. “GET OUT OF MY SIGHT NOW! I’ll find someone else to do the vigil you are clearly unworthy… and WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO THIS CANDLE?!”. The heavy candle flew into Ardas Stomach “AND TAKE THIS RUBBISH WITH YOU TOO!” the coin hit her just above her left eye brow causing blood to run down the side of her head. Arda escaped the shrine in terror at more unheralded beatings with tears and blood running down her face. Her bare feet moved rapidly down the empty hall ways as if trying to catch a future that had rushed away her only friend being a strange coin.

" Three years later"

Arda Rubbed the coin idly between her fingers as it hung around her neck. She had been given the coin that night when alrad first beaten her the first of many occasions. Arda shared a grim smile with herself as she remembered his last attempt. It ended badly for him. When Arda left the orphanage, it had been on the actual worst of terms. Arda was many things stupid wasn’t one of them. She heard the planning, the plot to get rid of the “hateful bitch” Arda smirked at the un-original insult how imaginative she thought sarcastically. Too say the least a certain cleric died screaming and others may have suffered similar fates. Arda Had since jumped several planets. She couldn’t get a job because no would take her. So, she worked for herself. She found thug work was good for money so far. This hive was big and the gang wars raged on and when they were busy killing each other small time work didn’t matter so much collecting debts, breaking legs and beating people for overdue protection money for the “busy” gangs so she was busy picking up what they dropped. She remembered a time when her future had been bright not full of beatings and the cries of people she hurt but this was what she had. Ardas lip curled in disgust at her own weakness it was something she couldn’t allow anymore.

She sat on a under hive train as usual everyone sat away from her. She let go of the coin sensing she was being watched she caste a gaze to her left great another hater she thought. Arda had learnt that the gift she was given was that everyone hated her for no reason but some people hated her more and would try to hurt her maybe even kill her. Her next stop was next that’s when she would move and she would find out if she was right.

He followed.

She ducked up under his wild kick and hamstrung him he screamed in pain as he fell in the alley. Her las pistol pointed at his face. The rain was heavy and plastered her short hair to her face and ears. “who sent you?! and who do you work for?!” she shouted over the rain. “I work for myself their trying to find you!” He said with his hand up “Who?!” “The Inquis-” The whip-Krack of the Las-pistol Blended into the sound of the rain and light up the dark under hive alley. She searched his pockets efficiency and found his bounty hunters licence he was a newbie arda didn’t feel bad. “Thats the game I’m afraid” she said to his now charred face. He wasn’t lying he also had the contract for her arrest and the Inquisition had indeed issued it. Arda ran he wouldn’t be alone.

Arda ran and hid for the next 10 years. She had always escaped she had moved planets a few times but still they found her one day she decided she wasn’t running any more.


They were here already this time. Arda was 28 now she hadn’t changed much apart form a small tattoo black tattoo under her eye left eye. Tattoo artist had refused at first but she “convinced” him. Arda was tired of running she went to a local pub to get a drink and waited for her fate and intended to face it drunk. well that’s what she told her self anyway years of being alone had taken its toll on Arda determination turned to depression and had lead into alcoholism. The bar man knew her he wouldn’t say anything to her he didn’t like her as per usual but she paid so he just kept his distance. Shame she thought his bar was probs gonna be wrecked when the Inquisition got here never mind. She put the money on the bar and gave the barman a knowing look he simply walked over placed a whole bottle on the bar and took the money and moved away. Whiskey this should make the world go away for a bit she thought as she chugged the bottle. That’s when the Inquisition arrived. “We are looking for a certain Arda Trix. Can anyone help us?” said a man who stood by the door.

Once this was the sort of thing that panicked Arda but years of being shot at, people trying to kill her being chased by mobs etc had steeled her nerves twice over. She put more money on the bar another bottle appeared she started swigging out of it. She wasn’t surprised to see everyone staring at her. She over played how drunk she was half sliding/falling off the bar stool. “fuck you wanting?” she over slurred. Panic started the grip the room people started to rush out of windows and door some drunk even tried the chimney. “I take it you are Arda Trix?” said the man. “Must I be? it hasn’t worked for me” she said moving closer a woman was with him now she seemed lightly armed Arda had done her research and guessed this woman was potentially a psyker. The women seemed to stare at her and then looked concerned she put her hand on the man’s shoulder and he looked away for a second. That’s when Arda struck. The half empty whiskey bottle collided with the man’s face she then moved forward as he was stunned. A terrible scream filled the room the women had fallen to her knees and clutched the sides of her head. Arda was monetarily shocked at this display but she was committed she had killed to save her skin more times then she could count and she wasn’t going to stop now. She raised her las-pistol to kill the potential psyker.

WAIT!!! PLEASE JUST STOP! LOOK!” Arda Paused what she was doing to entertain him she looked over at him. In his hand was an exact copy of the coin around her neck. Tears poured down Ardas face and the las-pistol was suddenly in his face. Arda had lost it “WHERE DID YOU GET THAT TELL ME NOW OR I WILL KI—”. Something hit the side of Ardas head and she fell. She tried to raise but she slumped down again suddenly her determination faltering. She was tired too tired to carry on tears streamed down her face as thought of the life she gave up for a higher cause she slowly clutched the coin around her neck and held it. “I’m sorry…” she managed as her world went black.

Arda woke with a start and was instantly surprised to be alive. Arda took in the situation around her. Metal walls no windows, cell then she thought, A deep yet distance rumbling void ship that wasn’t good she would have to bide her time till docking to escape. Her wrists where chained to a table. She sighed then immediately Started shouting “FUCKING ARSEHOLES!” that should get their attention. She decided she wasn’t going to be scared what where they gonna, do hurt her? she had been hurt all her life what where they going to do? Ardas hate came to the fore as she begun to work herself in to a determined rage fuelled frenzy. "COME ON THEN! WHAT THE FUCK YOU WAITING FOR!? The cell door opened with a heavy clunk a man and a woman entered. The man wore a long tan leather coat with an armoured black body glove underneath. The women wore a short green jacket that would have displayed her midriff if she wasn’t wearing a similar armoured body glove. “What this then? the twat squad” The women sorted a laugh she stabbed a lit ilo stick at Arda “she reminds me of you Tennan” she said with a smirk. “well I did shout a lot” Tennan chuckled lightly agreeing. He placed a file on the desk and looked at Arda. “listen Arda you’re not going to believe us because we didn’t either but we mean you know harm”. Silence was the only sound in the small chamber “HA!" Arda retorted. “you have no idea how much I can’t believe that”. “OH…But we do!” childishly Mocked the women as she came closer. “would you like a ilo stick Arda?” “piss off!” Arda spat it was no doubt poisoned. “she’s not getting it Geth” said Tennan. “ok then” he said “let’s talk about this then”. He threw a coin on the table a coin she instantly recognized. She suddenly remembered seeing it in the pub. Arda next words dripped with threat “where. did. you. get. that. coin?”. "This coin came into the possession of a lord inquisitor after he said he had a “vision of the emperor” and instantly ordered the search of a person that goes by the name of Arda Trix. He also ordered her not to be harmed and to be taken in for questioning. He said she would be bearing a coin like this, like that" he said pointing at her neck. “He also said that she would be untouchable”

“Untouchable?” Arda spoke. They told her.

Adra stared to shake as her whole life started to make sense. The unnecessary hatred towards her the loneliness. She began to cry the two strangers in the cell came forward to comfort her as one just like someone had comforted them when they found out their shared cruel genetic gift. She was offered work with the Inquisition as an acolyte they considered her of large value. Her gifts being an effective weapon against the dark enemies of the imperium. She was given training alongside the few untouchables there where on the offensive and defensive abilities of her gift. Every night Arda would kneel in front of a personal shire in her private quarters and give thanks to the emperor for this chance to serve him for his trust in her and that she would never let him down. She would carry this burden and be the bane of her enemies and she would do this in his name.

Rouge Sister Arda Trix

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