A Cry For Help

Short story 1. Session 2

Small world.....



The sound emitted from a strange demented prevision of a clock. The "clock" face was split down the middle one half a sun the other a crescent moon both smiled in a menacing fashion. Both faces intersected with each other as if embracing. Too add to it insanity the whole face rocked back and forth in time wth the sound. The "clock" tower stood amongst other building with a very similar Style.   

Arda's lip curled in disgust as she looked at it although it felt like it had been built with a children in mind she could help that some thing was wrong. Although Arda could hear nothing the other members of her party seemed to insist that there was whispered words at the edge of their hearing and shadows that seemed to stay just out there sight. She thought them fanciful cowards but as they progressed into the strange environment she had to admit too the growing feeling of unease she also felt. As they stood before the strange clock complex arda check there six making sure there was nothing there. They had past bodies on there way here and arda couldn't help but agree with her party members. It did indeed look like the victims had fallen running away from this building or its general direction. The bodies wounds where of too types one been shredded to the point of unrecognizably or single brutal precise kill strokes. 

"Arda we must move forward" said the investigator of their party. It was very much his way to get on he was ever ready to solve mysteries and did not like to tarry when clues where too be found. "Yes pax just checking our backs" pax nodded in understanding again a vitim of his own hubris. Turning there backs on the strange themed Environment the party made their way toward what would hopefully be the answer to there questions.

They all stood at the shore of what looked like a man made river its currents constantly moving in one direction. "Hmmm" the annoyingly familiar sound came from the Sortiv the intellectual of the party. He often made this sound when he wanted someone too ask him a question to every ones displeasure. " What is it Sortiv?" said Arda. "Well since you asked" (Arda Set her jaw in an attempt to banish her anger) "it would look like this is some sort of water way these exist on some planets and can be used to transport people or trade goods perhaps its automated" He did the normal amount of pomp and display as usual and ended his explanation with his eyes looking expectantly upon yatas. Yatas was the techy of the party and was originally from the mechanicus she as normal regarded him with her single green optic. Yatas looked around calmly and moved toward a small hut sized building arda moved after her just give her some cover. While in the hut which turned out to be a control Centre for the water way Yatas removed a few panels and played with the wiring she was pro at this stuff and it took not more than three minutes before a small boat turned the corner. "We must hurry destination : Arda Trix if we are to make the boat it will not wait for us" Said Yatas monotone as she moved past arda out of the control Centre Arda followed and was the last to get on the boat. The boat moved on but unseen too the party the next boat to come though was cut to ribbons and red the color of scarlet. With it came water stained the same color and accompanied by a small shoal terrible dismemberment.

"what the fuck is this" managed Arda as she looked in disbelief. The water way seemed to run though some kind of pretend land scape. Small robotic people seemed to swaying silently back and forth as if to some kind of tune only they could here. "what are they singing?" said Sortiv "ive never heard that langue" That was when Arda realized something terrible was wrong. "I cant hear it" she said locking eyes with pax. Time seemed to slow as she watched Paxes eyes grow wider as the size of the threat began hit home. "It cant be…" spoke her mono tone voice somehow sounding fearful. Both pax and arda rose ready to fire and saw that all the small robotic people had stopped and where looking straight at them. Their mouths moving wordlessly. It stayed this way until a loud cry followed by a splash sounded from the rear of the boat. Arda looked round too see that Sortiv was now missing it was at this time the chugging bang of a shotgun echoed from behind her followed but the rapid retort of a autogun. Arda ran too the back of the boat to look for sortiv she found him he was pawing madly a the edge of the boat trying to get back up. She lent down and got a grip of his hand she began to pull him up when something pulled him back. Sortiv screamed a terrible pained scream and the water around him turned a different shade of diluted red. She began to pull harder but as she did a horrible Insanely smiling face leered out of the water and cleanly cut sortiv hand off. Sortiv disappeared into the water which turned a darker shade. Arda stepped back and casual dropped sortiv hand quickly. Arda raised her pistol and let loose the whip – crack of the pistol blew the face off of one the demented robots as it attempted too climb aboard. Though the fighting Arda saw the remaining members of her party holding there own pax Spun on the spot shooting left and right with his shotgun as the automatrons tried to jump / climb aboard. Yatas fired accurate bursts of solid shells from her belt fed auto gun the belt running from her back pack. Arda looked and saw that the small deranged robots where swarming now the water bubbling around the boat with the amount of them. The boat still moved slowly on no safety could be found in here they would have to fight till they got out. hope fully the ammo would last. The first to fall was Pax the boat was heavy with he corpses of the mad androids he had run out of ammo early on and had taken to using his shotgun as a club. The boat had started halt as the boat was now too heavy. Pax started to throw the broken bits of robot out of the boat sometimes halting to beat the new would be boarders with the remains of their fallen kin. He had successfully manged to get the boat back up to a good speed. As he bend down to get his club come shotgun he received a scissor like pair of blades in his right eye. One of the robots on the boat wasn't quite dead yet and played dead waiting for its moment to strike. Pax stumbled his brain not realizing that it had sustained a mortal wound he slumped over almost reclining peacefully at the pow of the boat like a drunk. Yatas had kept up a amazing rate of fire but had now been over stretched by the loss of Pax. Arda destroyed countless robots as they leaped at the boat and giving point plank shots into any faces that popped up at the edges of the boat. The end of the water way was in sight which was good cause arda was on her last power pack. That was when the now familar sound of auto gun fire had stopped arda turned round quickly and saw Yatas looking down at the broken belt feed cut clean though. She too started to swing her auto gun like a club but with the heavy back pack she was slow and off balance. The robots quickly overan her after a few swings. Yatas didnt scream as she was was killed on the boat under a strom of bladed limbs. 

Arda stood on the boat now alone the terrble blood soaked robots stood infront of her over her two dead friends and stared at her with blank stares and insane smiles. They knew as well as she did that she wasnt going to leave alive fightening bladed limbs cut the air rapidly as they watched her still mimeing the same silent song. Arda Let loose a final defiant roar as they charged she leveled her las pistol and -

Arda Shot bolt up right in the bed roaring in anger. A trio of Whip-cracks ecohed in her hidden chamber that she had found on this current planet three burn marks painted the wall. Arda sighed "just another nightmare" she went back to sleep hoping for some rest this time.                                                                 



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