A Cry For Help

Journal of Corporal 621509-149027-K "Kasimir" - 2

Legacy of Saint Macharius

The rest of the journey to Chiros was uneventful. Was admitted to the infirmary for malnutrition and overeating. After treatment my nutrition plan was altered and is now under the purview of Dr Nerva Faust. Upon arrival Interrogator Quin demanded we come up with our own operations. Illidan consulted the local Mechanicum. Dr Faust examined the bodies and interrogated witnesses. My proposal to proceed with Standard Krieg Strategic Doctrine was denied. However, I was permitted to observe the Militarum response. As I understand both Illidan and Dr Faust retreived valuable intel. I was more concerned with the civil disobedience I witnessed. Secession. Treason. Heresy. To be given the gift of His rule and refuse it is the gravest blasphemy. I found a suitable vantage point, identified the enemy command structure and terminated it. 69 confirmed kills, heretic command structure dismantled, enemy force in disarray. Mission successful. 


After ensuring the safe transit of the squad back to the Void's Escape I visited an important local Militarum base. The standing guard assumed I was a Commissar. It is the gravest offense to impersonate a superior officer however I understand that part of my new assignment requires deception.  I also did not actively say that I was the Commissar in question. Once they had made their assumption gaining information was simple. It would be an understatement to say the response from the Astra Militarum is woefully inadequate. As is the response from the Imperial Navy. The command structure is run by the incompetent and the vainglorious. There is no glory in our duty, there is only obedience to Him. There was no more useful intel to be gathered. I did manage to secure a commissar's coat, hat, sash and sidearm. These resources will prove most useful in ensuring compliance from forces loyal to the Imperium.

With all mission objectives in Chiros complete we ventured to an area of prohibited space under the orders of Saint Macharius himself. This was very uncomfortable. To disregard the orders of a Saint is heresy. Yet I was bound by Inquisitorial order. I still do not know how to resolve such conflict. The journey to the prohibited zone was most productive. I found new recruits in the crew who were eager to expand our defensive fortifications into a Krieg Standard hardpoint. Initially I presumed they were bringing Standard Krieg Strategic Doctrine into disrepute by not attaching the proper significance to the way Krieg serves Him on Terra. I wish to teach them of Krieg so that they may understand. First I required stories of their home worlds, so as to provide context. They were angered. They attempted to desert. Desertion equals death. Rules of Engagement on the crew of this vessel are unclear. So, I would attempt to reason with them before executing them. This proved successful. I then told them of Krieg. After this, they seemed less reticent about their origins. They spoke of an unceasing struggle for survival. This I understand. I have promoted the lead dissident to second in command in my absence. Has  respect of his squad. Shows qualities of command. Also has yielded to me, showing my authority. Fits all criteria.  

Arrived at prohibited zone. Auspex revealed a feudal world, no star port.  We landed on the planet and in an effort to not disrupt their society nor reveal our presence we adopted local technology level standards. Inquiries revealed an "angel" dwelled at the top of a nearby mountain. Donning disguises as pilgrims we scaled the peak. The climb was difficult, Interrogator Quin assisted Dr Faust who would not have otherwise succeeded. Upon arrival we entered a small chapel where we were greeted by a religious figure. Illidan, the detestable coward, immediately bowed before this false idol. I awaited for Interrogator Quin to give the order to execute him for heresy. The order was not forthcoming. Instead we watched in horror as the figure melted into gold and then reformed into the shape of an enormous reptile. Contrary to appearance this beast was intelligent and friendly. I was entirely ready to give my life combating this beast but he revealed he not only knew Saint Macharius but was his confidant and the guardian of his blessed body. He even showed me it and gave me a Macharian Cross. I do not know how to respond to this. Even on Krieg we heard of Holy Macharius' crusade. He is the example to which all should aspire. To now have a personal link to that most holy of persons is an honour beyond measure. After some negotiation, the beast designation "Malthus" has joined us. As a beast and not a xenos we are not obliged to exterminate him. Furthermore if this beast has the blessing of a saint it would be heresy to slay it. We are now leaving this world in the hands of Malthus' underlings and proceeding with the investigation.



Intel gathered, nature of threat still unknown

No casaulties to report

Linked up with allied force


Christian1771 Sabda

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