A Cry For Help

Dr Faust's Recorded Observations 2

Rivalry and Dragons

Log 4
spoken in a hushed whisper close to the recorder

"Subject is in mid 30s, appears male, psyker and astropath, following statements will disregard mutations due to soul bonding. Death by cranial trauma from within the brain. No other injuries appear to be visible. The shock of receiving the message seems to be the only cause of their injury. Only beings capable of sending such a powerful telepathic message are certain Xenos such as Eldar, and Daemons. We can rule out heretics from the list of suspects. Leaving Xenos and Malleus, yet if it were an Eldar what possible motive could they have for this, Malleus seems more likely with current evidence. And yet- wait! What's this (spoken slightly louder and somewhat exaggerated), fascinating. sounds of a plastic evidence bag being retrieved andput away Will have to make notes on this back on the ship."

Log 5

"Shortly before landing we made contact with what is presumed to be one of our rivals, Ordo Xenos. They showed up on the ships radar in unsustained bursts before disappearing again, when I pointed this out to the captain it disappeared for good, as if aware of me. Clearly not standard imperium tech, thus they must be using some kind of Xenos cloaking device to obscure their presence, will have to keep this in mind in the future to ensure they are not following us.

On the planet's surface we met two acolytes and an interrogator from Ordo Xenos, the acolytes identities are unknown but Quin was quick to recognise the interrogator, according to Quin he is known as 'Drakebitch'. Obviously a harsh nickname after a personal or professional disagreement…. probably, will have to ask Quin at a later date.

While investigating the bodies I remembered that we were supposed to delay if not sabotage our rivals at any possibility, so I feigned surprised and made to collect something interesting or important to the investigation while my back was turned to them, hopefully they will waste some time and manpower trying to find this important piece of evidence from the other bodies.

I also sent a servant on what I believed to be a fool's errand to distract the other acolytes, however having taken a look at this sketch of what I believe is just a psychic phenomena, I have now realised this may be an important note of comparison when we visit the other points of interest. If the witnesses from the other crime scenes have seen this 'creature' it may be more important than I first believed

One final note: I took a look at some of the other astropaths which they couldn't remove due to the nature of the psychic phenomena they were subjected to, including a few who were frozen in place as they died. Those specific ones appeared to have been screaming in fear rather than pain as far as I can tell. What vision did they see that illicited more of a reaction than their heads exploding?

Upon speaking with Quin about our next move he displayed interest in the anomaly I spoke of in one of my previous logs. I will not disclose the full details here but we have decided to investigate the anomaly on our way to the next crime scene so as to ensure we are not in danger of being attacked from its origin"

Log 6

"I have few memories of my Grandmother…. she was a quiet and eccentric scientist, but perhaps the most compassionate member of my family. One of the few memories I have of her is from my childhood, of her telling me stories of ancient creatures she had only heard of, the most prominent of course, being dragons. I remember she was near obsessed with tales of dragons, to the point where within the library she had a whole wall dedicated to old tales, from a long forgotten time ago. She was ridiculed by the rest fo the family for this, yet she still dreamed of meeting a dragon one day.

To meet a dragon up close myself… to see an immense being of molten Gold, I understand why now. I couldn't let this opportunity go to waste, especially considering they were so eager to leave this planet too. I attempted to convince Quin to allow him onto the ship, after all he might make a great ally if he truly can destroy daemons as effortlessly as he claims to. But more importantly. I have so many questions I want to ask him! About his life his name his… everything! I can't let this go to waste… I wonder if I can request to be placed in the room next to his?

Anyway… I'll have to delete this log once it's been finished… I'll do so with great difficulty but I have to keep these completely professional, not to mention I don't want to imagine what the rogue trader will do if she finds out Malthus' true nature.

Hah! A dragon! If only you were here Nan"


Christian1771 Nat1

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