999.M41 a mysterious, massive signal pleading for help from Segmentum Pacificus wiped out numerous Astropathic Choirs. This has never happened before and the Imperium is at a standstill on how to respond. The High Lords of Terra are too busy with political infighting and the Segmentum Navy indecisive.

It falls to the Inquisition to act. But who should? Such a cataclysmic event heralds one thing for the inquisition, potential promotion. Each of the three Ordo's have an interrogator in the vicinity who is well due a promotion. A success here guarantees their ascension through the ranks, for the Interrogator and their Inquisitor.

Whether or not this task falls into their purview is up to them to prove. Their primary function while on paper is of course to protect Imperial citizens, they will most likely be focusing on proving this job is for their Ordo to resolve. Their acolyte teams will loyally guarantee their success or die trying.

The rulebook for those that don’t have access to it in some form


Ordo Xenos

Ordo Hereticus

Ordo Malleus

A Cry For Help

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