A Cry For Help

A terrible Truth. no 7


How awful this information is. I Have today learn of the monstrous lie that has been fed to my men, too my regiment. After i had evidence to question i have found out that although the men promised freedom though service, they would never receive it. The crippling horror of this truth is so terrible it make me feel sick. Every time i look into the sargent eyes i feel a prang of guilt as he is a fine guardsmen and is trying to do his best so he can earn his freedom. Joanna again is earning her freedom but it will never come. IT IS STILL A PRISON. How can i continue too lead this lie. Emperor why have you let this happen why are my fine men commended even though they seek retribution in your name? Today my faith has been hit and today my soul is tainted with the betrayal of good men and women.     

After Action Report - Operation Dark Spire
Memorandum 002



Personal Commissar log No 6
No words


I…..I have seen things today. Things i cant explain things…..Things i feel should not be explained. I feels like my mind is its a balloon floating away…… its tether tied too me. It sways there in the breeze, relaxing as if its taking a break after what it had seen. What is this place? What are these things? who am i really? These question i have no answers. The squad seems too be ok Perhaps its there past this must be the first time they have seen things. Maybe its why they are here because they questioned. What ever their past i am proud to have them by my side for they are survivors and survivors win. These men and women might seen as vagrants. But to me they are soldiers i see them emperors will in them. Everyone has use its just a case of finding it.              

Excellency in the field. No 5
Xanatov's thoughts


Mid – Mission Notes.

Our Squad preforms well. With flame thrower and "Crazy bombs" we have successfully killed the Xeno scum. I would turn out that our high level commanders has seen fit to only drop a single unit in on this target. I presume that it is some kind of punishment but we shall show them what we can do. We shall show these fools what Echo squad can do!

Xanatov mind wondered back too the present.

"Keep Fighting guardsmen" As he leveled his bolt pistol "For the Freebirds!"     

Personal Commissar log No 3
We must fend for our selves.


If command is Incompetent / hell bend on seeing us dead then we shall take this war into our own hands. I know that this group of men and women may have a questionable past but we are now comrades in arms. Our bonds shall be forged unbreakable in this theater of war as we bring about the emperors fury. WE SHOULD NOT BE HINDERED IN OUR DUTY BY NO ONE!

I can now see that our CO's bring about an eroding effect upon morale and i can see why. Higher Born "pups" play soldier as we are squandered like toys under there poor decisions. Men and women given standard weaponry carry these officers who carry cutting edge weapons and then fail too use them. These new founded guardsmen come from a unknown / resented culture much suffering from the judgemental arrogance of people who think them selves better. In a way this culture is beautiful where respect is earned not given. Where better too earn respect than on the front lines? Rubbing shoulder with them? I shall be there too bring them glory! I will pull them form terror! I shall steady there aim!  All mankind can be used it is just a matter of adapting.

I am Commissar thale Xanatov and will lead these men and women to victory! We are the free birds we will be the first there fore command will be the last there too help us.                    

After Action Report - Operation Jungle Predator
Memorandum 001


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Joanne's Diary
Spiky People

Dear Diary,

This is my first entry as I've only just learned to -right-  write, I'm learning —kwic— fast though, I'm told knowing to read is important -in the milli- when you'r a soldier.

Crew seems really nice by the way. Their is the captin who reminds me of my old boss, super stern but really nice, says I'm a -vallewa- important member of the team. The other captin is nice too, the comisar, meaner than the other one though. But he's not from the prison and I feel like he doesn't get us. Then ther is the priest, rimember hearing him in the prison, had a bunch of -peeple- people following him, really likes God. I don't like him much though, he set the captin on fire, the nicer one. Oh there's a docter too, he seems nice enough, very brave.

Anyway, we are now on our first -mish- mission, we landed in a jungle and found the spiky -non huma- people really fast. they wernt a problem though. The big animal was though, big monkey-thing that hurt the medic a lot. Comisar put a grenade in it to blow it up though.

After killing the animal we then killed a flying spiky person. Had a big gun like me but I'm not alloud to use it. Not sure I wood know how to anyway though so no loss I -gess- guess.

Right now the others are talking about attacking the big fort. I'm not an ideas person so I thought I -shood- practis writing instead. Me and the crew are helping each other write and spell. I think we'are doing super good!

Personal Commisar Log 2
The Squad


The sargent continues too be an excellent leader i see no problems from him the future. i am beginning too trust his judgment tactually. I will still need to be present for if his men sprits break in the face of the enemy no amount of good  leadership will stop cowardice. I will be his trusty ally and be there for him and the regiment when it matters must. The medic has shown some very questionable behavior i will keep my hand on his shoulder and my bolt pistol ready. The priest seems like less a problem in the face of the medic and his total nonsense. The heavy gunner is an asset in this squad. Her prowess with her lumbering weapon is only equaled by her utter strength and unwavering bravery. It is clear too me that our regiment is doomed in the eyes of our commanding officers and as such it is. But this is my regiment even though they may be convicts they are the emperor soldiers. I will fight with these men and their doom shall be mine and as we drop in the teeth of hell we shall show our worth with our might.

I am a free bird and we are the first there.                            

Personal Commissar log No 1


Troop Morale level: High

Notes: In my training i was told of order and control but how do you use these too control a group of former convicts. It is impossible too bring control too those who rejected it and order too those who destroy it. I am not complaining for these are my guardsmen and i will die by there side as they die by mine. The squad and the regiment seem to be doing well after they anointed the first drop with a total piss up. 

Troop Training level: little

Notes: It would appear that the other regiments are some what hostile too my regiment and there training is utterly sub-par i am expecting large casualties on our first drop. Some cant even read as a result i have had to organize a basic learning regime. This should help with military procedure and hope fully morale.

Conclusion: My squad is full of characters as i expected. The Sargent seems to be quite competent and has so far demonstrated great resourcefulness and bravery. The priest i am keeping an eye on for his record make poor reading. The heavy weapons trooper seems like a good person too have around and also an excellent shot. The medic has been doing his best even the Medicae corps seem to be doing every thing too be unhelpful. I believe my squad is beginning too warm too me. I believe we will be an successful squad.                 

A friend in the shadows


"What are you doing slave?" Neulla Froze Stopping typing mid pizza slice. Thoughts raced though her head as she thought she had been caught. "Slaves don't get access too technologies like that you could be punished harshly for this" Neulla tuned knowing full well what "harsh punishment" was around here. "you will be coming with us now slave". "now now" Nuella held up a finger "Do you really want me as an ememy? i surely we could come too some sort of  agr——-" Blood flew across the chamber the two aggressors toppled over their helmets crumpled in. Nuella looked out the window to see a small man in the distance. In disbelief Nuella simplely stared and raised a waving hand in a mute hello. "thanks i guess…."          


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