A Cry For Help

A friend in the shadows


"What are you doing slave?" Neulla Froze Stopping typing mid pizza slice. Thoughts raced though her head as she thought she had been caught. "Slaves don't get access too technologies like that you could be punished harshly for this" Neulla tuned knowing full well what "harsh punishment" was around here. "you will be coming with us now slave". "now now" Nuella held up a finger "Do you really want me as an ememy? i surely we could come too some sort of  agr——-" Blood flew across the chamber the two aggressors toppled over their helmets crumpled in. Nuella looked out the window to see a small man in the distance. In disbelief Nuella simplely stared and raised a waving hand in a mute hello. "thanks i guess…."          

More Problems

Being "transferred" to this incubi palace has somehow put us in a worse position, not least because some of my… "allies" keep continuing their habit of making friends. This time it's taken the form of a giant skinless canine who was less than half the size but a few days ago, oh and have I mentioned it only eats flesh and blood?

We have this new pet now because for once Illidin decided the best course of action was not to run away screaming but to befriend the thing. Meanwhile the Eldar has continued to pretend to be an Incubus and is being chummy to all the other Incubi and am I the only one suspicious of him? We know nothing about him other than the fact that he's an Eldar who worships Kain and likes blood. Like really likes blood, in that he bathes in it, dyes his hair with it, drinks it and now eats it in the form of some disgusting coagulated…. snack? Point being I have no reason to believe he'd want anything other than being an Incubi, he's doing great right now and our survival hinges on him. He's become our slaver and I seem to be the only one who realises it.

We can hardly keep him from the plans though lest he suspect us, and I don't think I can convince the others, too much risk of one of them giving it up. Most we can do is hope he has something waiting for him outside this hell and if not, look for an opportunity leave him behind during the escape.

On another subject, Fyr has solidified his stance as the most useful member of the team as he has robbed a manor and given us what can only be described as a lot of money. The Dark Eldar kind admittedly so we don't want to touch it. Managed to arm ourselves with what he got.

I was also given a strange drug after competing in the fights, hopefully I'll never have to use it. Managed to get some good practice too which as it turns out was important as we'll be fighting alongside our "master" soon enough in another gladiatorial fight against something the Witches made. Given what I saw the other day I don't look forward to it.

More problems solved


Nuella was beginning to like the small one and the coward although the new "Dog "called "Bork" is several types of frighting. They do however have little imagination seems the only the only way they can gain our small group money is through theft.

It works though ill give them that ill come along this time for i feel my skills will make a mockery of the security excellent. We must hurry since we apparently have to conduct some sort of slave fight for our so called "masters" The before mentioned money is too pay for new equipment.

It seems this fortress wont hold us for much longer i predict. It wont be long before im out of this prison too.      

The Book of Blood
Blood for Blood

Listed therein are those who have wronged Prince Talran such that only the spilling of blood will appease the Bloody Handed God and their crimes:

Archon Sun Slayer

Revels in garish Gothic architecture.

Insists on the ludicrous moniker Sun Slayer, a result of obvious illness of mind and soul.

Unnamed Archon

Spilled the blood of Prince Talran. This must be returned a thousandfold.

Insinuated that I am similar to him, sharing his degeneracies and illness. Him and his kind turned their back on the Gods and brought about this darkness. Only the spilling of blood can make right this insult and remove these impious Kin.

Unnamed Haemonculus

Spilled the blood of Prince Talran. This must be returned a thousandfold.

Engages in degenerate, excessive fleshcrafting.



The Religious Chronicle of Prince Talran - 1

Earlier I asked if this had all happened for a reason. If there was a purpose for this ill luck. All my life has led to this. I couldn’t even imagine my role in everything, wouldn’t imagine.

I bathed in Silvanto’s blood (that veritable fountain of youth) and I saw. No, was shown. Conflict. War. Murder. Blood. I felt the presence of Khaine. I have been chosen. What for and why I do not know but I am sure I will be shown. Until then I must train. I must endure.

I spread the word to those willing to listen. In the drudgery of the yard they learned of the glory of violence. From mere brutes and thugs they learned the ways of Khaine, to spill blood in His name. They proved most useful in our escape from the labs of those madmen. As did Nuella’s efforts to arm everyone. Indeed it was quite the team effort. As the Haemonculi attempted to enact some scheme to brainwash their slaves we enacted our own. At our command, the prisoners rioted. The cells were opened. Quin released. Even poorly equipped and driven by fanaticism the prisoners proved effective. Quantity has a quality all of its own. The incubi that arrived to aid me seemed suitably impressed. We have now been relocated to the Incubi shrine here, as I have taken up the position of Initiate. Not any closer to escaping but better to be amongst the Adherents of Khaine than those fleshsmiths. Not to mention I can learn more about my purpose, can get closer to Him.

At the least as my slaves the others will have more freedom to plan our escape, while I understand my place in His plan. The blood will show the way.

Back in the Prison

I had hoped to be long dead before being in a place like this again. Seems as if they took my cyanide pill from my tooth while I was unconscious. Well on the upside at least I've managed to avoid being tortured for now, seems the higher ups are only interested in the inquisition.

Having said that, we were almost immediately bought by the haemonculi, and my "allies" wanted nothing more than to buddy up to them and give them ideas. Somehow they were surprised when this backfired and one of them got stabbed in the arm. Idiot, she should know, she's one of us after all.

We have since "escaped" the haemonculi, would have preferred a little more planning in advance but they finally decided to bring us down to play. Having one of those things, let alone a haemonculi, touch me is far more than I'm willing to suffer. However this escape put us right into the arms of the incubi and, well to be honest I don't know much about them other than they like murder and supposedly have a sense of honour, but they're still Dark Eldar and quite frankly I don't want to be around long enough to take notes.

But anyway, if we're going to hop from one prison to another I may as well get to know my old cellmates.
The Eldar – A ponce, the reason we're in this new breed of Dark Eldar hell, managed to convince some Incubi that he was an initiate too and that the haemonculi captured him unfairly, hope they never talk about that. Never met an Eldar before, I wonder if they all have that need for blood or if he's just a freak.
Nuella – The other Hybrid, can't believe how naive they are considering, must of been one of those slaves that were groomed by her "superiors". Good at tech at least, needs to learn how to stop talking.
Illidin – Tech-priest, got to keep his mechanical bits by being a coward and a snitch. Really needs to learn how to stop talking.
Fyr – Short stocky guy, good at sneaking, knows how to keep quiet, making him the most competent member of the team.

Oh and there's Silvanto Quin of course. Managed to drag him with us to the Incubi's Palace. Seemed very angry when hung up there and would refuse to die despite how much blood was coming out, not gonna pretend to understand that but quite frankly I don't need to, I just know it'll be useful. Will be difficult to explain the situation when he wakes up though, especially considering he's supposed to be the Eldar's slave. Should be worth it though, Interrogator's are given their position for a reason and it'll be useful having something that won't die on our side when we escape.

Nuellas draiy entry


We are out of the homunculus den another problem solved! Although more problems have presented them selves but in time these problems will be solved.

I managed too black mail the body snatchers with the treat of exposing there identities. in exchange for my silence they agreed too smuggle more knifes and shivs into the prison. That will put us in good stead when we escaped for our fellow prisoners fell upon the grand and homunculus after i hacked the security and opened all the cell doors. My too closest colleagues had managed to create a cult to kain and also a gang of brawlers who fell upon our captors with much zeal when the time came. HA! little did every one knew these where just little pawns in out game. We made slip as the ensuing chaos Swallowed the prison. 

As i say as problems are solved more problems present them selves. As we walked from our former "lodgings" we met our new problems. Incubi have taken us in this may or may not be in our favor it is yet to be seen. Now…. how can i play my strings to get us out of here… HA! How challenging indeed!                 

The Grand Adventures of Dashing Prince Talran - 1

Well things just keep going from bad to worse. First, I get caught up in the naval engagement of a century and lose my ship (and all hands aboard, Isha protect them). Then I have to be evacuated by the mon-keigh of all things. Then it turns out one of their number summoned a scion of She Who Thirsts and I was charged to bringing her to heel. That was a terrifying and extremely painful experience. In the end she still got away as her soul was taken, although “got away” might not be the right term. Then the mon-keigh initiated an emergency warp jump (oh how fun) into a region of space held by my darker kin. It didn’t take them long to board, and rather unsurprisingly we were all captured. I nearly got that bastard haemonculus.

Now we are slaves. Wonderful.

I’d say Yriel must be laughing his ass off at the predicament I’m in but that would assume that I’m not beneath the notice of that bastard. I must say that this place is peculiar. The Archon (Sun-Slayer? Have my darker kin no shame?) here maintains the brutal mon-keigh style so that he might better make use of his slaves. After all, fanatics need something to believe in and he is more than happy to pose as the Emperor if it means they will serve with engineered sincerity. I must say there is some genius in his approach. I never considered it before, after all mon-keigh couldn’t possibly compete with us physically or mentally, it is an unfortunate handicap of their biology. However, it seems to be working in some aspect here and it is true that we Eldar are a relative rarity. Not to mention that even as much as it pains me to admit they have owned the stars for quite some time now, they must be doing something right (even if most of it is due to our temporary absence). Maybe I should consider recruiting mon-keigh in the future? It has a certain… idealistic romance to it does it not? Outcasts from all species, under one piratical banner, sailing the stars for glory or loot. I reckon the Craftworlds would seriously cut all contact after something like that though. Food for thought.

Where was I? Oh yes, enslavement. Seems Sun-Slayer wanted a word with me. Started off pleasant enough, but rather quickly deteriorated when I wouldn’t tell him of the Farseer I was working for. The scum cut me. I’ll be sure to repay him a thousandfold, and that haemonculus too. Blood for blood, Khaine demands it. Still, he is none the wiser. Can’t have them dying now, I have my… personal reasons for this after all. Managed to keep the last resort under wraps as well, although I have to keep that from happening at all costs. Not long after, we were “recruited” to work for haemonculus Vharc, the one I fought prior. Well I’m sure it’s only an upwards progression from cleaning filthy blood from the basement of mad fleshcrafters. Indeed, we are already making progress. Some short-sighted orders from the haemonculus has allowed us to get some very basic equipment. Some knives, microbeads, a few drugs. Not much but it is a start. I’ve also started to try and get myself into the local shrine of Khaine here. Should I succeed their resources will be useful. I can also get closer to Khaine in the process. Most people don’t think it but I’m quite religious. Come to think of it, maybe all of this is happening for a reason.

Anyway, I’m certain of our success in leaving this awful place. My fellow prisoners seem quite competent. Nuella seems to know technology, Zardonis has her wits about her as well as being more than capable of getting physical, Fyr is a shifty short mon-keigh who already proved his unorthodox strategy when he attacked the haemonculus on the ship. The mon-keigh techpriest seems a bit… soft. I swear to Khaine if rats us out I will inflict such horrors on him the haemonculus will avert their gaze. It may take time but between us it is a sure thing. Escaping an inescapable prison outside known space? Sounds suitably heroic if you ask me.

Gaining resources thoughts
A good Start


I managed to get us some material today it would appear i have managed to make some "friends" here already. These may hopefully be useful. My captors are full of hubris and seem to believe that our escape is impossible this may be us to my advantage. My cell is in a horrible place we are slaves to the homunculus trainees here. I have considered joining there ranks it might be better for my survival. I have been speaking to one very different homunculus who seems to be thinking of useful Modifications that people might actually want. He must want this as his portfolio i figured this might be a chance get some thing useful so i have showed interest and said that i would volunteer for one modification. Yes i am a slave and i have no right to volunteer but it can only help. Hopefully i can have some more value and there fore have a better time here. I will help my companions to escape but only if it remains tactically valuable and can be done it is better for one to escape than none.             


The Final Moments of Corporal 621509-149027-K “Kasimir”
The Trial

Shuttle lands. Disembark. Squad does not know official disembark procedure. Hangar bay in panic. Disorder is heresy. I report to Interrogator Quin to hand in my battle report as is procedure. I await further orders. Interrogator Quin reads the report. A trial is called. Dr Faust is accused of sorcery, heresy most foul. She defends herself, claiming it was necessary, that we would have died otherwise. Preferable to die for the God-Emperor, than to live as a heretic using the tools of the enemy. Interrogator Quin disagrees. He pardons Dr Faust. Complicity. Deviance. Idleness. Heresy. I will not be complicit. I will not be idle. Disobedience is death and he disobeys the God-Emperor.

The first shot rings out. It strikes the skull, the secondary ignition stripping the flesh from the skull. The room erupts in panic. Dr Faust immediately flees. She will be brought to justice soon. I approach the corpse. The second shot pulps the brain. Satisfied, I move to take his Inquisitorial identification. A command structure is necessary and no others are suitable. There is a whirring of a chainblade. Three strikes to the chest. Extreme pain. I do not yield, I must enact the will of the God-Emperor. I steady myself. A shot into the unknown. There is an angry growl and something heavy falls. An invisible assailant. Illidan, in a shocking show of bravery charges forth and kicks the blade away. Noted, will praise later. What heresy is this, the blade is still mo-


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